Landon Carter

Landon graduated from Andover, Yale (BS engineering ’65) and Harvard Business School (MBA finance and manufacturing ’67). He taught at Stanford University’s Business School in Lima, Peru, while in the Peace Corps. Returning to the US, he joined the development team for Snowmass at Aspen. In 1972, Landon went to India to study and meditate with Satya Sai Baba, which catalyzed a significant change in life direction. In 1973 he joined Erhard Seminars Training (EST) where he was a trainer for the next seven years. During that time he created and managed the intensive, residential 6-Day Course and the Teen program as well as leading the basic training for over 50,000 people. During the 1970s Landon started World Runners, a running club dedicated to ending world hunger. Through marathon run pledges, he personally raised over $1,000,000 to support that cause.

In 1980, Landon took a break from training people to complete the 1100 mile Iditarod Dog Sled Race in Alaska. He then worked for the investment banking firm of Montgomery Securities as an institutional broker, prior to forming his own consulting company, Dynamic Financial Presentations. In this capacity Landon worked with more than 60 start-up and IPO companies. In the mid ‘80s, Landon co-founded Active Learning Inc., a company dedicated to teaching high school and college students how to succeed in school. Although the program was a success, eventually reaching 10,000 students and selling a video version to Time-Warner, a critical marketing mistake resulted in the company going bankrupt.

In 1990, Landon turned his attention to the corporate arena and joined Human Factors Inc. as a principal. He was responsible for the Polaroid account and conducted the 5-Day residential executive training program with the 200 top executives of the company (in groups of 12) and then a similar non-residential program with about 1600 employees (in groups of 100). Landon has led trainings with other companies as well, including the senior executive teams of Sony USA and Praecis Pharmaceuticals, and executives of Master Card, AT&T, Kodak, Otis Elevator, Sealand, Tandem Computers and Allianz Life Insurance.

In 1998, Landon immigrated to New Zealand, where he now resides part time. In 2012 he married Diane Covington and now lives most of the year in Nevada City, California. Landon is an avid competitive rower and has won the masters world championship in single sculls as well as nine US masters titles. He is also a glider instructor and power pilot. In 2004, Landon published his book Living Awake: the practice of transforming everyday life. He has conducted seminars in New Zealand, Canada, and the US based on this material.

Currently, Landon works with both corporate and individual clients, as a coach, trainer, consultant, and mentor. His emphasis is on empowering people, teams, and corporations to be able to clarify and create what they want, measured by both success and satisfaction.

In 2013, Diane and Landon published their book, Falling in Love Backwards: An Unlikely Tale of Happily Ever After, which is a love story and a how to book about intimate relationships using the principles and techniques from Living Awake. Click on the ‘Seminars and Workshops’ tab above to learn about Relationship Courses that Landon and Diane are leading.

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