Full-Tilt Boogie: Essential Coaching for Living Full-Blast
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In Love With It All: How To Create A Meaningful Life
In the normal course of life, we each strive to progress our lives forward one project at a time. For the most part, we are so caught up in the daily struggles and challenges that we don't have time to stop and reflect on life's big questions. Every once in a while, though, life moves us to stop and take a deep look at who we are and where we are going. At those times we may search within ourselves for answers as well as reaching out to friends, family, and our trusted literature, whether sacred or secular in nature. Now you have the opportunity to participate in a guided, structured tour of the vast landscape that is the meaning of your life. In Love With It All takes the reader on a mind-opening journey into the heart of the matter for human beings: From where do we derive fulfilling and satisfying personal meaning? Using a fun and engaging dialogue format (with pictures!), John sheds new light on issues crucial to living a life of inner peace and outward prosperity. By following the dialogue between a seeker of knowledge and a masterful coach, the reader will gain access to the important wisdom of the ages and discover the keys to integrating their new insights into their everyday way of being and acting in the world. Learning to love and appreciate life for what it is can be one of our greatest challenges. It just got a whole lot easier for readers of In Love With It All.
Living Awake: The Practice of Transforming Everyday Life
Living Awake addresses the age-old quest for enlightenment and the desire to have more love, happiness, and fulfillment in life, yet is written from a modern western perspective. It addresses questions such as: Who am I? How did I get to be the way I am and how can I change? How does this reality I find myself in actually work?How can I create more of what I want in my relationships and in life? The book presents easily understandable models that the reader can validate in his or her own experience. Exercises in each chapter assist the reader in making these models experientially alive. Once the models are built, Landon presents a powerful process of self-actualization to help the reader begin to create more love, happiness and fulfillment in his or her everyday life - where it counts the most.This is the manual for how to be a human BEING that we all should have received as we began life's miraculous journey. But since we didn’t, it is essential reading for all those who wish to transform their everyday lives and especially their relationships, creating more joy and fulfillment. Landon Carter went to some of the best schools America has to offer: Andover, Yale and Harvard Business School. In 1972, at age 28, he had achieved most of the elements of ‘the American Dream’ and yet was not happy. This wake up call prompted a life long quest for the answers to some of life’s most fundamental questions. Over the years, Landon has worked with over 70,000 people in both the public and business arenas on the subject matter presented in this book. Living Awake represents his current understanding of the answers to the above questions. It contains the essential information he feels each of us should know, a guidebook on being a human Being.
Finding My Way: Wisdom of the Ages for All Ages
Acquire Wisdom of the Ages for All Ages in this Moving Journey of Personal Discovery. Come along for the ride as a curious 13 year-old boy joins forces with seven All-Star Life Masters. Written and Directed by John Hanley, Jr. Includes interviews with famed American philosopher, Hubert Dreyfus, and best-selling New Testament scholar, John Dominic Crossan.
Good News
This is a concept album conceived and co-written by John Hanley, Jr. The Stereo Twins are Matt and Brandt Huseman, renowned pop craftsmen from legendary indie rock band, Splitsville. Good tunes, good vibes = Good News!
Breakthrough in Abundance
Breakthrough in Abundance is an audio recording of a workshop John Hanley, Jr. delivered to an audience in Las Vegas. In this audio workshop John shares the "SECRETS" to getting to the bottom of why people experience lack and struggle and what you can do to start experiencing a life of ease, flow and abundance not just in your finances but time and relationships.
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