Get in the Game - Up Close and Personal!
The Odyssey Experience is a uniquely powerful and comprehensive self-awareness process. You will embark upon a journey of self-discovery to reach new levels of personal freedom and power. 

Receive the guidance and structure you've been seeking in order to navigate through your limiting beliefs and achieve sustainable high-performance in all areas of life. 

Choose the Odyssey Experience that's perfect for you!

LAUNCH (Tuition: $675)

A 3-day live online course with world-class coaches launches your breakthrough journey -- 18 hours of in-depth teaching and coaching.

Day 1) 10am-1pm -- break -- 3pm-6pm (pst)
Wake Up to the full measure of your personal power.

Day 2) 10am-1pm -- break -- 3pm-6pm (pst)
Face Up to the complex reality of being human.

Day 3) 10am-1pm -- break -- 3pm-6pm (pst)
Let Go of your reliance on old patterns of thinking and behavior.

IMMERSION (Tuition: $995)

LAUNCH + 12-Session Transformation Masterclass to ensure you integrate and master your new mindset and way of being. Dive into our exclusive set of 12 pre-recorded video lessons (over 15 hours of content delivered by senior Triton coaches). 

The Masterclass includes written suggested daily reflections and targeted reading assignments. 

The sessions cover the core principles of integrating an in-depth mindset shift into all areas of life, including overall well-being, relationships, career, and finances.

* Note: You save 35% on the 12-Session Transformation Masterclass (normally $495).

ALL IN (Tuition: $1,795)

IMMERSION + Personal Coaching Package Four 1-hour life-strategy sessions with senior Triton coaches -- scheduled to fit within your schedule.

One-on-one coaching provides customized guidance and encouragement from master coaches experienced in the art of empowerment.

Receive hands-on support as you implement your new Odyssey mindset and way of being into specific actions and results.

* Note: You save 20% ($200) on the Personal Coaching Package (normally $1,000) by registering in advance of the 3-day course.