The Odyssey Experience
The Odyssey Experience is a uniquely powerful and comprehensive personal transformational process. You will embark upon a journey of self-discovery that cracks open a doorway to personal freedom and power. Once the doorway of possibility is open, you'll learn how to immerse yourself in new ways of being, thinking, and acting. Where most other personal development courses try to give you the answers to your problems, along with a dose of catharsis, the Odyssey Experience allows you to disappear your problems and see life with new eyes. Free from the constraints of popular and conventional illusions, you will be able to move through the dance of life with renewed vitality, joy, and grace.  In order to dismantle the illusions that prop up our fractured and stressful lives of anxiety, doubt, and insecurity, we must develop deep distinctions and daily practices to usher in a new reality. 

The Odyssey Experience delivers the guidance you've been seeking in order to navigate through the labyrinth of biological, neurological, and sociological forces that shape and limit your current way of being in the world. With a 3-day workshop and 3 months of weekly check-ins and coaching, you will finally free yourself from the tyranny of your ego-consciousness and open your mind and heart wide to your loved ones and the wonders of life itself. The Odyssey Experience takes you on the most fascinating and fulfilling journey of all -- a thrill ride into the depths of your being that achieves transcendence from blinding illusions. Standing tall, radiating poise and confidence, you'll attract respect and lead others to rise above their fears, just like you. 

Friday, Saturday & Sunday Odyssey Workshop + 12-weekly coaching calls (including in-depth recorded lessons you can have forever)

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Ongoing Odyssey Community
When you've completed the Odyssey Experience, you will have the distinctions and tools at your disposal to live a life of joyful participation on a consistent basis. As professionals in fields such as athletics, medicine, and the law understand, however, it makes sense to keep yourself in the company of coaches and masters to ensure you are continually tuned to the highest vibration. The Yogis call this discipline Satsang, which means "company of the wise." Seekers of enlightenment see the value of being in the presence of the kind of teachings, coaching, and encouragement that will induce their minds to be in a positive, uplifted space. 

Ongoing Odyssey Community is Triton's Satsang program. You will have access to ongoing bi-weekly coaching calls led by Landon Carter and Triton founder John Hanley, Jr. and attended by fellow graduates of the Odyssey Experience. Each 90-minute session will include sharing from a select number of participants and real-time coaching from the trainers. You will benefit from accessing this top-of-the-line transformational teaching and coaching, in order to keep your listening and being sharp and supple. 

In addition to the valuable input from Landon and John, you will reap the value of being part of a community of learners dedicated to transcending their ego-consciousness and contributing to the transformation of the world to new heights of peace, love, and understanding. Is there ever a time to stop going to the gym (doing workouts) or enhancing your knowledge through reading? No, never, just as it's always a good idea to continue working on tuning your internal self to the highest vibration possible.  

Schedule: Bi-weekly coaching calls
Subscription Fee: $900 for 6 months coaching or 6 monthly installments of $150
(Once your 6-months completes, you can continue in the Ongoing Odyssey Community for FREE.
Odyssey Certification Program
Are you one of those people who feel a deep passion for contributing to the lives of others through training and coaching? Are you attracted to the idea and challenge of developing your listening and speaking in such a way that you can move and inspire a roomful of people? You've done the training. You've transformed your life. You've integrated your transformation into every aspect of your life. Now, you want transformation to be your life. While the transformational training and coaching business isn't for everyone, a select few hear a loud and compelling call to share the power of transformation with the world. If you are one of those people who just can't shake the desire to deliver transformation as your living, Triton's Odyssey Certification Program (OCP) is the premier train-the-trainer/coaching certification program available in the marketplace. 

During the 6-months of OCP, you will develop yourself as a master of transformational technology, coaching, and training. You will be mentored and trained by two of the best in the business. Triton founder, John Hanley, Jr., is a world-renowned transformational philosopher and coach with over 30 years of international training experience. Landon Carter is a legend in the field of personal and business transformation. Beginning his career as one of the most prominent and influential Erhard Seminar Training (EST) instructors, Landon has over 50 years of international training experience. 

By completing OCP you will fortify yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and lead transformational trainings and coach a diverse range of clients. You will earn a "Contextual Coaching" certification from the Global Coaching Federation, as well as a license to lead Triton's flagship program, The Odyssey Experience. For aspiring "transformationalists" OCP will guide you to improve your skill-set very quickly and powerfully. For experienced trainers, you will deepen your understanding and ability to contribute to others in the transformational space. And, for Life-Mastery Seekers who may or may not have an interest in transformation as a career, come on board and enjoy the ride of ramping yourself up to a professional level of competence.

Schedule: Weekly coaching calls for 6-months + various reading and practice assignments
Contact us directly to discuss your viability for this program.

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Odyssey Preview
The Odyssey Preview takes you through the 3 Keys to living a transformed life of health, wealth and happiness! 

In this 2-hour online workshop John Hanley, Jr. takes you through the 3 keys of:
1. Waking up
2. Facing up
3. Letting go

By the end of the two hours you have a clear understanding of the illusions that are holding you back from experiencing the privilege of being alive and a solid foundation from which you can start to build the future that you've always dreamed was possible, but has eluded you.

The workshop is delivered online through video and includes ad FREE coaching call valued at $250!

Tuition:  $47

Click the link to find out more and register!
Online Virtual Programs
Triton has developed a series of Home-Study Courses, designed so you can have access to the work of transformation whenever and wherever you are. Each course is a complete "training-in-a-box," complete with pre-recorded video lessons, audio supplements, additional reading, and visual aids. 

Our Home-Study Curriculum consists of:
Essential Self-Care: The Mindful Person's Guide to Holistic Well-Being (Tuition: $487)
Revolutionary Romance: The Mindful Person's Guide to Sustainable Love (Tuition: $397)
Winning at Work: The Mindful Person's Guide to Business Success (Tuition: $397)
Transforming the World: The Mindful Person's Guide to Creating the Impossible (Tuition: $497)

You can purchase courses a la carte or in multiple bundles, including The Complete Core Transformation bundle, which includes all four courses (20% savings). 

Each course is a unique and powerful opportunity for you to redefine what's possible to create and contribute.

All the travel and planning logistics of taking a live training are eliminated as you bring the unparalleled value of transformational education right to your personal device of choice.
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